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Well friends my FAVORITE scentsy scent French Kiss is being eliminated. So sad! Which of your favorite scents have been eliminated?

Hurry and get yours here before its all gone! On the upside at least its 10% off this month!


10% Off This Month!!! HURRY!

Did you know? August is the time get your favorite Scentsy products! Almost everything in the Spring/Summer 2012 Catalog will be 10% off to make room for new Fall/Winter 2012/2013 products. The following are excluded however:

Licensed warmers (Campus Collection, Charitable Cause, and Patriot Collection),Close-outs,Scentsy Family Store business supplies, including Starter Kits and Shooting Star Enhancement Kits,August Scent of the Month (Neverland [NVL]) and Warmer of the Month (Whoot [DSW-WHO]) (These are already at a 10 percent discount.)


Combine and Saves:
Perfect Plug-ins (MP-PP26)
Perfect Mid-Size Scentsy (MP-MS26)
Perfect Mid-Size Scentsy Premium (MP-PMS26)
Perfect Mid-Size Scentsy Combined (MP-MMIX)
Perfect Full-Size Scentsy (MP-PS26)
Perfect Full-Size Scentsy Premium (MP-PF26)
Perfect Full-Size Scentsy Combined (MP-FMIX)
Scentsy Companion System (MP-SCS)
Scentsy Companion System Premium (MP-PSCS)


Who doesn’t love a discount! Click HERE to get yours!

Just wanted to remind you all. . .BRING MY BAR IS ALMOST OVER!!!

Just wanted to send you all a reminder that Bring My Bar is almost O-V-E-R which means you need to hurry and order you bar here ASAP!


P.S. Did you know you can get all of them for only $85.00?! That saves you over $15.00 (or three bars) Click Here


Are you missing your favorite bar? I know I am well luckily voting has started to Bring Back your Bar! Select your favorite retired Scentsy fragrances below and check the Scentsy Facebook Fan Page in June to see which 20 we’ll bring back for the month of July 2012. All discontinued fragrances are listed except for Fall/Winter 2011 scents & January 2012 BBMB winners. Vote as many times as you like!

Bring Back My Bar!

Bring Back My Bar!




Great News Canada & Europe! You can now purchase Scentsy/Join my Team!

Great news all of you out there that don’t live in the United States that want to get your hands on this awesome product or who want to start there own business and earn some extra money like I am!

Scentsy is now available in:

  • Canada
  • Deutschland
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland

A lot of these countries are new to Scentsy so you have HUGE growth potential for your new business!

Let me know if you have any questions! All you have to do on my website (wickfreeforever.scentsy.us) is at the top change the country to match where you are at and BAM, your in!

REMEMBER:  Its only $99 to Join (I made this back with only ONE party)!

Kindra – Independent Scentsy Consultant