Have you heard about the Silhouette Collection?

Silhouette Collection

Have you heard about the new Silhouette Collection?  Each set includes a warmer wrap and a simple, porcelain Full-Size Scentsy Warmer that allows light to shine through, highlighting the organic patterns created by its metal wrap.  Expand your collection by purchasing additional warmer wraps individually.  One Silhouette wrap included with the purchase of warmer.  Wraps designed to fit over Silhouette Collection warmer only.

This collection is just gorgeous! Do you know why I love this collection so much?! You buy one warmer and there are three ways to customize it! The warmer is about the same price is regular warmers ($40.00) but the wraps are only $12.00! Much for affordable then buying a new warmer everytime, now you can just buy a different wrap plus who really needs 5 warmers lying around?!  Another bonus is these wraps are very nuteral they will go GREAT in any room regardless of your decorating style.  To me they look like those really cool outdoor lights you put out in the summer when you are having a party! Get yours by clicking here today!





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