FIRE!!! Oh wait. . . no fire here I have got my Scentsy warmer!

Here are candle fire facts from the USFA

Candles cause an estimated 15,600 fires in residential structures, 150 deaths, 1,270 injuries, and $539 million in estimated direct property damage each year.

  • Over half (55%) of home candle fires start because the candle is too close to some combustible material.
  • More candle fires (38%) begin in the bedroom than in any other room.
  • Falling asleep is a factor in 12% of home candle fires and 26% of the associated deaths.
  • Half of all civilian candle fire deaths occur between Midnight and 6am.
  • December is the peak month for candle fires; Christmas is the peak day.
  • Young children and older adults have the highest death risk from candle fires.
  • The risk of a fatal candle fire appears higher when candles are used for light.

Source: National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) – Candle Fires, September 2007.

Tragic and Preventable Candle Fires

  • Three sleeping boys died when a candle left burning in the living room ignited nearby combustibles.
  • A man and his three children died in a fire when hot wax from an unattended candle dripped on curtains, igniting them.
  • Eleven members of a family died in a fire when a lighted candle ignited a mattress.
  • Two children died in a fire when a lighted candle rolled under the Christmas tree.
  • A mother and young baby died when a burning candle used for religious observances ignited cabinetry.

Fact: The majority of candle fires result from human error and negligence

I have heard of horrible stories from several people about why they have had to switch from candles to Scentsy (They burnt a hole in something, someone got burned, etc) and no they were not as dramatic as the USFA but DON’T LET IT BECOME ONE OF THESE STORIES BECAUSE YOU ARE STILL USING CANDLES. I have always hated candles, for various reasons but one of the main reasons is im am so foregetful that I forget to blow them out! Its a miracle I have never burned anything down. Now I don’t have to ever worry again because I have my Scentsy warmer! To get your Scentsy warmer and to go wickfree forever click here!



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