Febreeze PSHHHH Get Scentsy Room Sprays!

Scentsy Room Sprays

Up until I discovered Scentsy I was a febreeze-a-holic, name the febreeze scent and it was under my kitchen sink somewhere. Why so many? Not because I wanted one in every kind, but because the scent barely lasted five seconds and that fishy smell from last nights dinner was back in the air with vengeance! I Also had to have one in the bathroom for the uh-hem husband lol.  I discovered Scentsy the cubes got rid of the smell for good which is pretty amazing, but I wanted something that was instant, hence the Scentsy Room Sprays.  You instantly spray this and that weird smell is gone, FOR GOOD!  I have found other good uses for it too:

  • Inside my husbands work boots (to get rid of the sweaty smell)
  • Using it in the summer when our unair-conditioned apartment is too hot to have a Scentsy Warmer on
  • Down in the garbage disposal when it’s getting that funky smell
  • Spray your Scent Circles when the run out of smell (Scentsy does recommend you do not spray the spray in enclosed areas so I don’t recommend you actually spray it in the car, but rather freshen up your old Scentsy Circle, it could last FOREVER if you do this!)
  • And in a pinch, I am not proud of this I have sprayed it into the air and walked into it to use it as perfume (Although it has the potential to stain so I don’t recommend actually spraying it on things

So this spray is pretty universal and comes in all 80 Scentsy Scents! Personally I love it in the summer as I mentioned about as I feel the Scentsy warmers although not hot do put off a little heat and who wants to warm up their house in the summer when its 100 plus degrees outside? So with spring and summer approaching now is the perfect time to stock up! Each room spray is  $8.00 but I can tell you I have one I have been using for over a year so well worth the investment. It also comes in a combine and save offer which gives you five Scentsy Room Sprays for $40.00 plus one FREE (your saving $8.00).

Kindra – Independent Scentsy Consultant




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