Scentsy for your car! Scentsy Scent Circles!

Scentsy Scent Circles

I don’t know about you Scentsy fans, but being a cold climate like myself, the 60 degree weather this weeks has got me in the mood to get ready for Spring. What better way to get ready for Spring then by spring cleaning my dusty stinky car!  So after cleaning out the dirt, gravel and washing the outside who doesn’t think “I need an airfreshner!”.  Did you know that Scentsy has your covered? At only $3.00 (of $15.00 for a combine and save pack of 5) Scentsy Scent Circles are perfect to get the Scentsy scent you love in your vehicle! Available in all 80 Scentsy scents, your sure to find one you love, plus did you really love the smell of “new car” or “pine tree” anyway? I didn’t think so!


Kindra  – Independent Scentsy Consultant


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