What is Scentsy and why should I care?



What is Scentsy?Scentsy is a flameless candle warmer and no I am not talk about that thin people use to place under there candles to warm them so they don’t have to light them. . . Scentsy is an independent plug in warmer. Scentsy warmers are gorgeous and add charm and beauty to any room there in (who can say that about a crappy candle?!)

Scentsy uses paraffin wax infused with fragrance oil. To use your Scentsy:  Step one you plug the warmer to any outlet. Scentsy uses light bulbs (25 watt for a full size, 20 for a mid size and 15 for a plug in) to warm the fragrance which is great because no flame = no danger. Next you pick from one out of 80 different scents and pop one to six cubes out of the container (depending how much of the scent you want) and place it into the top of the warmer.  The warmer slowly melts the wax and the fragrance comes out.  Each bar last 80 hours which in my house for as much as im gone can last a month or more!

One of the best things about Scentsy versus candles besides it being safe? The fact you have over 80 scents to choose from and all bars cost $5.00! That’s for me almost 1/4 of the price I was paying for a so so candle. PLUS you can buy a bundle and get six different scents for the price of 5. So for $25.00 I can make my comfy little apartment smell good for six month or more!

Now everyone might not like the full size warmers and for there there are other options. Maybe for your space a full-size warmer is too much, you could get a mid-size warmer. Or for my office I have a plug in! Its just enough to make my office smell great and works great as an extra little light (not to mention the one in my bathroom that works great for a night light!)

A lot of people I have heard complain that Scentsy candles are messy and while in the beginning I made a mess or two between changing scents, I found a great way to get rid of the wax without the mess, simple heat up the wax for a couple of minutes to soften up the wax and then pop it out with a fork. BANG no mess, simple wipe out any left over with a paper towel and your ready to go with another scent!

Overall Scentsy is a better option than candles for me the benefits include:

No Flame, No soot, lead free, last longer for me then a candle, cheaper than a traditional candle, Scentsy warmers are gorgeous and look like the decor of the room its in  and it is not some ugly overused glass candle that sits out. I also have a baby on the way and the thought of him having a lit candle in their room versus a turned on Scentsy warmer is almost another worry in itself, think out it which would you rather have in your childs room?! So if you ready for the switch visit my website today! wickfreeforever.scentsy.us


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